NF Audio is a earphone brand under Shenzhen Ningfan Acoustics. It was founded in 2014.

NF Audio is always inseparable with the creation of music.

We continue to participate in the creation of music and help hundreds of musicians complete hundreds pieces of music 

and thousands of performances.

Innovation of the independent moving coil, BA and the EST/ BA hybrid earphone,

We could have the strength to interpret the elegance and aesthetics with technology.
NF Audio is not only the pioneer of earphones, but also the bridge to connect the music with the people.
The efforts over the years is waiting for the outbreak at the moment when you hear the music.


NF AUDIO with warranty card to provide one year warranty service, the time from the date of the factory. The company's technical staff confirmed that the non - caused by false operation, will provide free maintenance and replacement parts. Due to misuse and abuse caused by electronic or mechanical damage, careless use, by the resistance or natural forces caused by damage to the product and the abuse of without NF recognized audio accessories and lead to product failure is not within the scope of warranty.

Due to the customization of products to wear comfort there is uncertainty, AUDIO NF free to provide the purchase of 30 days of refit services, refit only provide the same customer ear print and the same style. Custom products will not be returned.

If your country's product warranty law gives you other rights outside the scope of this warranty, it is replaced by such regulations as the warranty card. The company reserves the right to amend the terms without further notice to the customer.


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