Welcome into the world NF AUDIO customized headset

Brand building

Shenzhen Ning Vatican acoustics Co., Ltd. is a company registered in 2014 acoustics company, NF audio for the company's custom earphone brand. NF means: Near Field near field monitoring, Nice Fit Nice Frequency response with perfect, excellent frequency response. The founders were in their own work with years of work experience, understood in terms of sound art, product development, product manufacturing, supply chain management, the quality of the control and visual communication are in a leading position in domestic counterparts.

Brand connotation

Art, technology, craftsman spirit, is the core value through the AUDIO NF brand. An excellent custom headphones, is bound to meet the "pleasant to hear, good-looking, comfortable" these basic conditions. Audio NF gathered in the domestic top headset engineer, rock photographer, designers, sound recordist, custom earphone production engineer, whether it is voice, or appearance, absorbing, fine division of labor, with the most professional attitude, for customers provide beyond the expectations of the outstanding products. At the same time, AUDIO NF is committed to build the world's top acoustic components, from the most basic speaker R & D and manufacturing, through new materials, new structures, new technologies, to provide more high-quality audio products for the market.

Brand future

As more and more people began the pursuit of personalized, customized life, customize the headset will gradually move towards more broad consumer market, has a perfect wear, perfectly soundproofed and can fully express their creativity and individuality of custom earphone, become more and more consumer ideal choice. Whether it is Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, there are loyal fans of AUDIO NF. At the same time, a large number of professional stage and recording studio user's choice and recognition, from the side reflects the audio quality of AUDIO NF products.

In the future, AUDIO NF will continue to open up new markets and build a complete distribution system, but also continue to introduce more exciting new products, so that the world feel the sound from china. Years of accumulation, only for this moment of bloom. Only do the concept of quality, creating the best custom headphones. Phoenix, best, the most exquisite craft, to bring the best products. You listen, you see, you touch, with no chink in one's armour. Never had a headset so delicate until you met, AUDIO NF.


NF AUDIO with warranty card to provide one year warranty service, the time from the date of the factory. The company's technical staff confirmed that the non - caused by false operation, will provide free maintenance and replacement parts. Due to misuse and abuse caused by electronic or mechanical damage, careless use, by the resistance or natural forces caused by damage to the product and the abuse of without NF recognized audio accessories and lead to product failure is not within the scope of warranty.

Due to the customization of products to wear comfort there is uncertainty, AUDIO NF free to provide the purchase of 30 days of refit services, refit only provide the same customer ear print and the same style. Custom products will not be returned.

If your country's product warranty law gives you other rights outside the scope of this warranty, it is replaced by such regulations as the warranty card. The company reserves the right to amend the terms without further notice to the customer.


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