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Ear printing

NFaudio teach you to take custom headset ear model

Earmould, also called ear print, some friends will also mistakenly called the eardrum, the headset is customized to a very important part of. To make their exclusive custom earphone and made appropriate standards for ear mold is an important first step, ear mould is directly related to customize the headset, after the completion of the wearing comfort, sound insulation is good, and the ear canal whether fit. This is the first step in how to do a good job? Let NFaudio professional technicians to give you a detailed introduction.  

Basically all the various hearing aid stores, can take ear module. If there is no hearing aid stores, in some hospitals, the Department of ENT is also able to take the. (emphasized here: take the ear mould must seek professionals to operate, be sure to do it yourself, after all, to deep ear canal, non professional operation is not standard, is irreversible damage to the ear canal and tympanic membrane, even appear to require surgery. Also, the ear model that is taken out by the non professionals is likely to be up to the standard, which is the final product of the finished product.

First of all, we need to know the structure of the ear. Understanding of the various parts of the name, can let you and modulus master get better communication so that you will know die to more in-depth, full ear mould qualified; take master mode operation up to the heart bottom is more handy.Ear mold because of different purposes and different from the standard model, and hearing aid store master mostly with hearing aids to the modulus of the default, so take before, and master good communication we make custom earphone needed to take standard die:

1: placed in the cotton barrier to go deep into the second corners of the 2-3mm (over the first corner, in the second corners of the 2-3mm).

2: ear canal, ear nail boat and the ear part must be smooth and no defect, no deformation, no bubble.

3: the ear mould material to cover the triangular fossa, anthelix; over cutting between screen time. After the above standards and requirements and the master of the master, the master will be able to take out the ear model which is in accordance with the requirements of the customized earphone.


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